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New Game for Gamers to Assume the Role of the City Sheriff

14, November 2017: Another motorbike game with a new role-play has been just launched by Temok Studio. In this game, a player can assume the role of a traffic police, and gets an opportunity to perform exciting rides while passing through busy city roads.

The spokesperson of the game developing company maintains that they have an excellent expertise in creating nerve-wrecking motorbike driving simulation 3D games, and this new game is even more exciting for its amazing role play. As a traffic police, the gamer has to chase every speedster who fails to obey traffic rules on city roads. It could be fun and challenge to drive the motorbike at an incredible speed like a nitro boost and nab the offender. While performing his duty as a traffic police, the gamer may also come across criminals and serious offenders who want to just escape from the law.

According to the spokesperson, the game will also make it clear that how difficult it could be to maintain a smooth running of vehicles on busy city roads. The gamer will also realize the challenges that a traffic police often come across while trying to manage traffic and teach traffic offenders a lesson. In a real sense, the game also educates us to obey traffic rules and this is one important lesson that every gamer will learn after playing this game.

The game offers amazing patrol bikes for players to perform action-packed thrillers to handle every traffic situation. Sometimes they also have to chase criminals and gangsters who come out on the road to create all havoc among other vehicle drivers plying on the roads. During his chase, the gamer may come across several bridges and tunnels and which add to the excitement.

The police motorbike driving simulation 3D game creates different scenarios for a traffic police to overcome challenges and maintain peace on the road. There could be jail-break mafias, speeding at a blasting speed, and a gamer should jump into action to overtake their vehicles and empower them.

To know more about this spectacular motorbike game and to download it, one can follow the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.temok.police.motorbike.driving.sim.chase.crazy.car.racing.driver.

About Temok Studio

Temok Studio is a UK based gaming app development company. The company was founded in August of 2017 by a dynamic group of technical experts who have dedicated their time and energy to create the best gaming experience for the more discerning game players.

For Media Contact:
Company: Temok Studio
City, State, Country: NYC, NY, USA
Phone: +44 02081336095
Email: temokgames@gmail.com
Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.temok.police.motorbike.driving.sim.chase.crazy.car.racing.driver

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