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Happy Hours Garner Increasing Number of Customers

Commercial food and café chains have risen up recently. In quite a few cities and towns, of major countries, the café culture has started to find prevalence among the people once again. Commercialization of the café and fast food market has been a boon for the economy of a country. In such circumstances, no other café or fast food chain has done better than the likes of Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell and Outback Steakhouses. In countries such as United States of America, these three chains have respectively raked in the highest number of customers in recent memory.

In no small terms, these high numbers of customers have been attracted by the sheer affordability of the food and coffee due to what are known as Happy Hours. The custom of Happy Hours has been one from time immemorial. The term itself dates back to the time of William Shakespeare and his dramas. Happy Hours usually refer to the period of time in which a reputed bar, steakhouse or fast food chain can offer drinks and food at reduced prices. “These prices often bring about a smile on the face of the customer because they can get high quality nourishment in terms of food and drinks, at a very affordable price range”, stated a representative. Dunkin Donuts Happy Hours start from 3pm and end at 6pm. This could be at any particular day of the week. A drink such as a medium sized ice coffee can be bought for 99 cents.

“When it comes to Taco Bell, it is a very reputed fast food chain. Most of its establishments are situated in the United States of America. Despite this, it is recognized in most other countries. This shows its popularity. The Taco Bell Happy Hour makes all the delicious food available at the restaurant available at pocket-friendly prices, shifting from the main menu to the Taco Bell Value Menu. This represents the value for money items available at Taco Bell”, continued the representative.

“Last but not the least, the famous Australian themed steakhouse called Outback Steakhouse has started its own brand of happy hours, with the outback happy hours attracting meat-lovers from all over the country”, the representative concluded.

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