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Delicious forage with HAYGAIN hay steamers

09 September 2009
Press Release
Ensure your horse receives even forage this winter. Hay is undoubtedly the most ideal forage. Its only flaw can be the levels of dust spores it contains, which may put horses off eating and can cause respiratory problems. HAYGAIN’s scientifically proven steaming method provides the complete solution, destroying all dust spores, mites, bacteria and mould found in hay.
The steamed hay will retain its nutritional goodness, and trials have shown that horses - even fussy eaters - love it because of its sweet smell and palatability.
The new HAYGAIN HG-500 half-bale hay steamer is ideal for smaller yards and for use away at competitions. Hay is steamed effectively in approximately 40 minutes.
For further information please contact HAYGAIN hay steamers on 0333 200 5233 or www.haygain.com

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