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KitchenStir and Jack LaLanne stir up healthy cooking

This month marks not only the celebration of Jack LaLanne’s 95th birthday, but also the product launch by KitchenStir and Jack LaLanne of stir enhanced cooking appliances to promote menu versatility and a healthy lifestyle

Canton, MI – September 21, 2009 – KitchenStir™ is pleased to work with Jack LaLanne™ in offering innovative appliances that make cooking easier and more efficient. Jack LaLanne, the Godfather of Fitness, in addition to his Juicer and vitamin line is releasing a new book to coincide with his birthday, “12 Steps to a Healthy Long Life.” The Jack LaLanne Show is still the longest running health and fitness show in history airing for over 34 years. Jack still works out every morning for over 2 hours and continues to follow his “LaLanneisms,” including his famous line “I can’t die, it would ruin my image.”

KitchenStir appliances serve as kitchen “Prep-Cooks” to promote healthier cooking and a wide menu selection. Wish you had a pan or oven that automatically stirred your food? Enjoy quality risotto without the labor of stirring. How about quick and easy stir-fry, oatmeal, soup, sauce, caramelized nuts, granola and more all achieved without the demands of manual stirring?

Imagine a slow cooker that periodically stirs the food while you’re away; stirring your food while keeping the lid on allows for more even heating and promotes moisture and flavor retention. Manual stirring falls far short of this stir-cook combination that rapidly circulates focused heat and saves energy. This multi-stir pan will conveniently sauté, simmer, slow cook and stir-fry, providing an excellent cooking platform for a broad-range menu.

How about fish n' chips or healthier French fries from fresh potatoes using much less oil? The Compact Stir Oven is the only patented "self-stirring" oven and fryer in the U.S.A. and Canada.

In the world of multi-tasking and limited space, a traditional blender with a heat option bridges the gap between hot and cold drinks, and cooking and blending foods for soups and sauces; all in one appliance! This patented Heated Blender uses a built-in heater to rapidly heat or cook the contents within the blender. With this efficient approach, food or drinks are quickly and easily prepared.

About KitchenStir

KitchenStir™ is the leading manufacturer in the U.S.A. and Canada of patented appliances that combine stirring with cooking, or heating with blending. KitchenStir is the exclusive distributor and licensor of their technology and appliances for their own-brand and those selected by Jack LaLanne. Designs selected for Jack LaLanne products are different from the KitchenStir line.

For more information about KitchenStir, or to purchase online or otherwise inquire, please visit: KitchenStir.com, StirCook.com, or contact Jeffrey Vicars at (734) 397-4856.

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