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Do your car radiator leaks happen? One of your existing radiators is malfunctioning in some way; do you need one fix for all your toys, leak, bonds, metal to rubber, plastic radiator? If yes SmokeNweld is the brand to trust.

Pegasus America Inc proudly announces the launch of their product named SmokeNweld; this product can use to do any types of Instant repairs like binding materials together and filling holes or gaps. This product used for industrial or domestic purposes.

SmokeNweld is a multipurpose sealant that takes care of sealing include: Rubber, Metal, Plastics, Copper, Aluminum, Steel, Mostly plastics, Smokenweld can be used in fixing a radiator, Seals leaks as well as structural repairs.

SmokeNweld can be used on plastics, metals, rubber, concrete and wood. Specific items include automotive and motorcycle: rubber trim, plastic bumpers, auto grills, headlights, carburettors, electric components, interiors as well as home improvements such as electrical switches, pool pump valves, household appliances, toys and much more.

SmokeNweld can also be used to build-up or replace missing areas of the part. This product can be instantly drilled, filed and sanded.

Because it dries clear, it can be easily painted or stained to any colour for an aesthetically pleasing repair.

SmokeNweld is used to repair all types of holes, cracks and gaps and can produce a strong weld seam to support the repair, just like solder or a welded joint.

For more information, please visit: Pegasusamerica.com or send an Email to Sales@pegasusamerica.com

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