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New Book Offers Readers Tangible Advice on How to Maximize Success Now

[CUTLER BAY, FLORIDA] – “Think Like a Winner, Act Like Your Won,” the newest book from speaker, preacher and published author Carol Mathis, offers inspiring and practical advice for readers looking to transform their lives in 2019. While the book will inspire and motivate a wide audience of readers, Mathis’ book is especially powerful for those tired of not getting the results they want out of life.

Through his powerful and honest writing and storytelling style, Mathis asks readers to look within themselves to uncover why they are not getting the results they want, whether it’s in their personal or professional lives. Through self-reflection and self-examination, Mathis leads readers toward uncovering what factors are holding them back, so they can overcome them and persevere, ultimately succeeding in all areas of life.

In this concise volume, Mathis leaves out the fluff that many self-help books are notorious for and cuts right to the heart of the matter in offering clear advice to help readers more confidently make decisions, take action, think like a winner, develop their character, form good habits and more.

“My goal with this book is to provide a concise how-to guide to help people find happiness and maximize their personal and professional success,” said Mathis. “I think people appreciate honest and direct advice that they can easily digest and immediately put into practice to see results.”

“Think Like a Winner, Act Like You’ve Won” has received rave reviews from Dr. Joe Vitale (The Secret), Michelle McKinney Hammond (Emmy Award Winning TV Host) and Dr. Jeanne Porter King (nationally recognized inspirational speaker and author).

Readers interested in learning more about the book and taking action to change their lives today can visit https://thinklikeawinner.carlmathisbooks.com.

About the Author Carl Mathis is much more than an everyday motivational speaker. While some know him for his work as an author and entrepreneur, others know him as a 21st Century innovator, setting the standard for men around the country. But no matter how others view him, Carl Mathis is confident of his mission and God-ordained purpose in life -- to encourage people worldwide to live life to the fullest, no matter the odds. This is Carl Mathis’s eighth book.

To learn more about “Think Like a Winner, Act Like You’ve Won” or Carl Mathis, visit https://thinklikeawinner.carlmathisbooks.com

Praise for Think Like A Winner, Act Like You Won

"With his trademark warmth, wisdom and wit, Mathis will inspire you to quit negative thinking and start flying to new heights. If you're ready to take the next step in your career, business, life or dreams, this book is the breakthrough you've been looking for." -Dr. Joe Vitale

"This book is very encouraging and inspiring for both personal and professional use." -Michelle McKinney Hammond, How to Be Happy

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