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Dub82 collaborates with Geek82 to release “Chanel”

Talented music makers, Dub 82 and Geek82, come together to celebrate women in a thought-provoking song titled “Chanel”

Born November 24, 1998, Wiley B. Hale III, popularly known as Dub 82, is unlike the average kid as he has the DNA of an entertainer running through his veins. He made his relatively first breakthrough at the age of 11 when he recorded his first single under 82-0/Starkat Entertainment and he has continued to use his talent to treat music lovers to the best of songs, one of which is the recently released “Chanel.”

Wiley had always wanted to do music and while his friends wanted to play outside and play video games, Wiley always had his ears in music, listen to songs that brought him joy. Wiley turned out to be a somewhat revolution as the family, his mother in particular, was focused on Wiley’s eldest brother practicing music hoping that he would one day start to do music on a regularly basis. Wiley watched his brother learn and practice music and in the process, picked up a lot of music skills that helped to form a good foundation for what currently looks like a career that will take him places. His recent collaboration with his brother, popularly known by the stage name Geek82, is a further reiteration of his talent and passion for making good music.

In “Chanel,” Dub82 demonstrated his creativity and ingenuity as he uses wordplay to express the theme of the song – celebrating womanhood and helping people understand that women should be treated as royal queens that they are.

The inspiration to make Chanel came to Dub82 when he was away at college and subsequently called up his brother, Geek82 to make him listen to the song. The brothers decided to record the song in a music studio when Dub82 returned home on a weekend break and the song quickly became popular after the release. Dub82 has been performing the song on different fronts, with the song’s increasing popularity and acceptance attributed to its beautiful message.

More information about Dub82 and his projects can be found on his website.

About Dub82
Wiley B. Hale III, born November 24, 1998 to his parents Wiley B. Hale Jr. and Starr-Trynea Reeves in Saint Louis Missouri is a talented music artist that started recording at the age of 11. Throughout the course of his musical career, Dub82 has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life.

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