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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contentior Launches High Quality Custom Exclusive Content and News Services

Emeryville, CA - A very rapidly growing online content writing and editorial solutions service CONTENTIOR, is launching a web based content distribution system. Its an effort to provide customized content to your blog/ website. We have an efficient centralized system in place with competent writers from various fields. Contentior is specifically designed keeping in mind the varied needs of news articles & custom contents.

The major concern of any website & blog owner is to provide continuous flow of new and original contents or real time news in their site. And even then, you don't know if your hard work is going to bear you satisfying result. Here is where Contentior comes in to play. Having years of expertise in content writing, & being associated with some of the most popular news sites with sub 2000 alexa ranking, Contentior can analyze your needs and provide you effective service.

Sample articles by Contentior team: http://contentior.com/sample-articles/

We understand that the most important criteria of an effective content is to put it before others. Real time value is the single most crucial criteria for any news. We, having associated reporters and journalists around the world (even some from Reuters et al) can provide news article at near real time to our clients. The rule is simple, You mark news and Contentior serves it to you in absolutely no time.

Unique Features available in the service are 
1. Only Exclusive customized content gets delivered.
2. Easy order placing.
3. Hassle-free secure payments through PayPal.
4. Service available on all business days and on request, even on weekends.
5. Near-real-time delivery of news articles as per demand.
6. All of articles are checked for US English.
7. Every article  gets checked by an experienced editor.
8. Compulsory spelling and grammar check. Each article has to pass through compulsory spelling and grammar check before it is published.
9. Anti-plagiarism check by an industry-leading third party software service.
11. Dedicated management and support team to address your needs and queries.
12. All information is stored in a Firewall protected secure Linux server running a variant of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, specifically Cent OS for providing extremely strong protection against viruses, spyware, trojans and malware in general.
Physical access to the server is protected by Multi-layer security control procedures, staffed 24/7, proximity card readers, and IP video monitoring ensure that the hardware is never tampered with. VESDA smoke detection, double-action dry pipe fire suppression modules prevent emergencies before they start.

The service has launched on 18-9-2009

About Contentior. At Contentior, having years of content writing & sourcing experience, we can empower you to communicate your message effectively & efficiently with search engine optimized articles. We are a team of experienced & fresh young professionals. While the experienced heads provide expertise & know-hows, the young blood brings in enthusiasm & speed to our service. In our writers' team there are Master’s degree holders, PhDs in english literature, professional degree holders in various subjects of Arts, Science, Technology, Management, etc. Having huge variety of writers in our pool helps us to analyze & understand client specific needs related with every possible type of content.

For further information about Contentior, please contact the following:

Contentior Marketing

Visit the publisher's website: http://contentior.com

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