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Is it Janki`s entry or Janki`s exit from Rajshri?

The dearest bahu and bhabhi Janki of the Rathod family is no more in Rajshri’s serial “Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki”. But why isn’t the family mourning for her? Now that`s the catchy twist in the tale. Actually, the Rathod family is not aware of Janki`s death. A new Hum-shakal track has started. Janki died while returning from her father’s house to her Sasural. But her cunning father and ambitious sister Menka take this mishap as an opportunity to plot their sneaky plans. Janki`s father Kantaprasad suggests Menka to take the advantage of being Janki’s look alike and take over Janki’s position in the Rathod family for betterment of their lifestyle with the Rathod`s hard-earned money. Menka, who is already jealous of Dharam and the Rathod family’s loving attention towards Janki, agrees to get in Janki`s skin to enjoy the rest of her life as a Rathod bahu.

Dharam & Rani come to know that Janki has met with an accident and is admitted in hospital and they rush to the hospital but unfortunately before they reach, Janki dies. Kantaprasad misguiding them says that Janki is well but her sister Menka is no more. Dharam, Rani and the entire Rathod family is relieved to hear the news that Janki is safe, unaware of what is in store for them

Will Menka be able to create a rift in the Rathod family or will the Rathod family`s Sanskars change her? Menka looks like Janki but is opposite in nature & behavior due to which will she get in trouble? Being attached to Janki, will Rani be able to identify the fakeness of Menka?

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