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Indian Horror Movie at London’s Film Festival

New Delhi. Sep 24, 2009 – Horror films might give nightmares for many who watch them but they can be a cherished dream for a few like Nikhil Sablania, a filmmaker from India. Nikhil has been an avid horror film buff since his childhood who would spend nights watching horror films alone in his room. His dream came true last year when he completed the final print of his horror film titled ‘Siski’ (The Sigh).

On September 4, 2009, the film was screened at the Portebello film festival, London, the UK’s biggest independent film festival. The film tells the story of a young, loving couple who shift into their new home only to find themselves surrounded by a series of supernatural incidents that leave them baffled and menaced. These eventually lead them to discover the murder of a little girl in the house, something that was so far unknown to the world but to those who had perpetrated it.

The film received a terrific response at the festival and succeeded in enthralling the audience, who now look forward to see more horror flicks by Nikhil Sablania. As for him, he already has several ready screenplays in hand and is waiting for a producer interested in making a good film. Guess we have another Ram Gopal Verma or Manoj Night Shyamalan in the making.

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