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Make your business profitable by recruiting efficient people, with the help of Resource Datamine; the best interview scheduling software offered by NetEdge Computing.

Off-late, there has been a remarkable increase in the demand for recruitment software by the business oriented people and recruitment firms from all over the world. This increase in the demand is the result of the stiff competition in the global business world which has compelled each and every organization to recruit the best candidates for achieving business growth and success. Therefore considering this demand and in order to satisfy this demand NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has launched it’s most awaited interview scheduling software, which consists of all the features and qualities that can enrich the hiring experience of the human resource departments.

This software application known as Resource Datamine is a fully customized interview scheduling software meant specifically for the recruiters and with the main aim of providing them with the additional facility of searching the passive candidates, as soon as the need arrives. Moreover it can also effectively streamline their recruiting processes. NetEdge Computing believes in the philosophy that employees of any organization are the strongest pillars of that company which help and support it in increasing its productivity and profitability. Moreover, it is also aware of the fact that these days more and more people are trying to take help of interview scheduling tools to bring efficiency in their hiring procedures.

All these facts have enabled NetEdge to design and develop this wonderful software which is one of the most effective online recruitment software. Therefore it can be very well said that Resource Datamine is the best Interview Scheduling Solution available in the market which ahs all the ability to create new and most effective channels of communication between the companies’s hiring officers and the candidates applying for the post. This job applicant tacking software also aims to provide clients, an ability and opportunity to work more effectively and efficiently with their potential hires.

NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an IT service provider and has been offering innovative IT products and services, at an accessible price point to clients across the globe since 1992. It is an ISO certified company and its corporate umbrella supports five business initiatives; a product portfolio that features over six applications as well as a suite of IT services. NetEdge is headquartered in New Delhi, India, with offices in U.K, Thailand and U.S.A.

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