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The ring tone download site RingtonesLeader.net now offers Ringtones for download from all major carriers

Ringtones started way back in 1970’s. It started out as a gong & belle sound when AT&T started it out. Through the years of continues development by those seeking for a nice sound to come out of their phones, they have come out with a new fancy sound; it happened during the late 1980’s. The development went on and the first customized Ringtone for mobile happened in the late 1990’s.
It was the Japanese company Ntt Do Como by NEC; they had discovered the chirping bird sound in midi format. The very first downloadable mobile phone was made in Finland. They were the first to make the very first modernized mobile phone features you are enjoying nowadays. It was in late 1998 when all these developments were launched in Finland.
There are different types of Ringtones; they are the following:
1. Monotone – It is a musical tone which is composed by one note at a time.
2. Polytone – It is composed of midi method of sounds.
3. True tone – It is in a common format such as Mp3, AAC and WMA. It is commonly taken from songs.
4. Karaoke – it is a Ringtone which can be created by anyone according to his likeness.
Mobile phone is one of the most famous and convenient way of communicating with people you love across the country. It is a magnificent device that helped millions of people to get in touch wherever they are like never before. Ringtones and text messaging are among the many features of a mobile phone today. It is a value added service which allows a customer to manipulate the tone he wants for a particular moment or mood.
Constantly changing your Ringtone from time to time is now made possible by lots of sites in the internet today. You can now play the tone you want anytime without thinking about hassles. They are built in on your phones. You can download anytime through RingtonesLeader.net which provides excellent services through all major carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Boost Mobile, AT&T, NEXTEL, Sprint, Cellular One, AllTel Wireless, Dobson Cellular and all Other Cell Phone Carriers! .
Although there are sites which offers free services, RingtonesLeader.net can still be your best option even if they are offering a paid service through the major Cell phone carriers. They have the most excellent service among the sites that offers value added services. This website company offers you valuable mobile Ringtone services you can enjoy. They services offered through there Cell Phone Carriers are at a very affordable price.
Take time to visit them now and choose among the newest Ringtones you can download instantly. There is nothing sweeter than getting your favorite music that is important to you right on your cell phone. Through a simple sweet nothing, you can let your phone ring to the special musical beats that can turn a dull day into a much brighter one!

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