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good romanian and the next romanian president


To whom it may concern:

Mr. Florin Suciu, is running for President of Romania as an independent. Mr. Florin Suciu is currently in US meeting with Religious Leaders, Business Groups and Media at large. For the past week and a half Mr. Florin Suciu Has travelled to Arizona, Nevada and is currently campaigning in Los Angeles, California meeting with Romanian community leaders and Media (please see www.clipa.com).
www.florinsuciu.ro , www.sosromania.ro , www.pmpe.ro , wwww.ebsg.ro

Below are excerpts from previous meetings :

Opening Presentation in Phoenix, AZ. To Religious Leaders (translated from Romanian to English):

“Good Morning!

Thank You for taking the time to come and meet with me. My name is Florin Suciu. I am sitting here in front You as a Husband, Father, Struggling Businessman, and most importantly as an ashamed Romanian Citizen. Ashamed that we did not have this meeting many years ago, ashamed that I live in a country with all the potential to be Great – Yet I personally have allowed it to get to this disastrous point that it is in. I am a mere citizen – Yet, I take personal responsibility for not stopping the current “imploding” situation that my country is going trough. I want to tell You up-front that I have never aspired for a political career and that my only past experience with the political system has been “voting” every now-and-than at best. What has placed me in this position is the shame that I feel, that my generation will leave our children a demolished Country with no Future and full of debt, the shame that my generation is not screaming from the “roof-tops” ENOUGH! Enough borrowing, enough corruption, enough political “scramble” while more than a quarter of my Country lives in sub-poverty without running water, electricity and basic human necessities.
Gentleman, I came to You first – the Church Leaders to ask You for Your blessings’ and for Your forgiveness – Forgiveness as a man, therefore a sinner, forgiveness that I may not keep all of my promises, forgiveness that I may or will let You down with some of my Virtues – but definitely forgiveness that I will break one virtue 100%, that is the virtue of ACEPTANCE !! I will not accept failure ! I will not accept to let my “Patria” ever down again! I will not accept injustice from our own government that is supposed to be here to support us instead of subjugating with ever abusive taxes and bureaucracy………..”

Closing presentation to Business Group in Las Vegas, Nevada (translated from Romanian to English):

“ In closing Gentleman,

I am sure that from what I have told You earlier about myself that You realize as I have that I am by no means prepared for this position, and YES I would love nothing more than for someone that stands with and for the same basic principles that I believe in to step forward, however until than I have to step forward and at best-wake up my country-men to the reality that things can and will be better once we take personal responsibility and require our government to do the same !! And Gentleman I will be the first to take the BLAME, IT IS MY FAULT! AS SUCH IT’S MY RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE IT BETTER !!”

Mr. Florin Suciu is in the US until the 6th of October. If Anyone in Your Organization wants to speak, meet and or Interview Mr. Florin please call (714) 856-5800

Visit the publisher's website: http://www.florinsuciu.ro

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