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Fake Fur Fashion .Com Launches Fur Coat Remodeling

Do you have a fur coat in your closet that you never wear anymore? Well, you are not alone. According to National Fur Federation, 1 out 5 of women in North America has a fur coat in their possession. With little over 300 million people living in the US and Canada, that makes a lot of fur coats!

Due to changes in fashions, warmer and shorter winter seasons, as well as tensions from animal activists, many women stop wearing their fur coats. But what is surprising is that most women would rather leave their fur coat in the closet than exchange or sell their coat. There are several reasons for this behavior: 1- They invested a lot of money in purchasing a fur coat and do not want to loose their investment.

2- The coat has a sentimental attachment. Many people inherited their fur coats from the mother or even their grand mothers and want to keep it for sentimental reasons.

3- The coat does not fit anymore. Like most people in today’s society, our body changes with time. Because fur coats are usually tailored fit, it may change how you feel about it when wearing it.

4- The style of the coat is no longer trendy. Your fur coat might have been the latest style when you bought it several years ago, but now it looks outdated with all of the sizzle gone.

5- Too hot, too heavy and not convenient. In most cases, fur coats made 30 years ago were very heavy. Of course they were also extremely hot, bulky and a pain to get in and out of the car.

No one can argue that fur is durable, and long lasting. Unfortunately, it is these same characteristics that sometimes make it possible to store them in the closet for long durations. In proper conditions, a fur coat can last 30 to 40 years. No other garment can last this long, nor would you want to have a piece of clothing last so long. Could you imagine wearing pants that was in style 40 years ago?

Thankfully there are a few things you can do to fish out that coat from your closet. Furriers have come up with many innovative tailoring techniques that can make your fur coat looking new, much more comfortable and in style. Remodeling a fur coat is a new art in fur making. Furriers can now take you old existing fur coat and remodeled it into something modern. Fur coat remodeling can involve many aspects, but in most cases, furriers will start by “shearing” or trimming the top layer of fur, (think of it like mowing the lawn). This creates 2 distinct benefits: 1 – makes the coat lighter, 2 – makes the fur look more velvety.

Once the fur is sheared, furriers will reshape the fur coat by changing the style of the collar, cuffs and even the sleeves. You have to realize that 90% of a fur coat can be taken apart and reconstructed into something else. That’s one of the beauties of fur.

Lastly, furriers can even change the color of the fur. 30 years ago, your pick in colors were black, brown or white. Now the colors are endless. Furriers have figured out a way to change the color of the fur without harming the underlying skin.

Not only is fur coat remodeling is a feasible way to extend to life of your coat, it is also environmentally responsible. Think of it as recycling or re-using a piece of garment.

If you would like to know more about fur coat remodeling, please feel free to contact Fur Doctors, we are master furriers with over 45 years of experience. It would be our pleasure to serve you.

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