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GizaPage Lets Users Put Personal Stamp on Social Web with New Premium Features

Custom URLS, 1-click identity cards and personalized stats let users customize their social network organizers

SAN FRANCISCO – June 30, 2009


• GizaPage, a social network organizer, today launched several free premium features that allow you to customize the look and feel of your GizaPage and get detailed information and statistics tailored to your GizaPage.

• GizaPage organizes all of your Web 2.0 touch points by pinning your many social network profiles—from more than 75 social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, WordPress, Last.fm and Digg—side-by-side, letting you access, update and share your profiles from one location.

• The new features help you put a personal stamp on your social media footprints, letting you take control of your numerous social profiles under a single, branded URL that mirrors your offline persona. GizaPage now enables you to modify your GizaPage URL, removing GizaPage branding (e.g. johndoe.com vs. johndoe.gizapage.com). If your URL is already in use, you can host your GizaPage as a masked sub-domain (e.g. social.brandname.com vs. brand.gizapage.com). Since GizaPage displays all of your social profiles under a single URL, it hides the vanity URLs of the individual services so you don’t have to worry about URL hijacking for individual social profiles. Normally $4.99 per month, this feature is free for one year if you sign up for this service by July 31.

• GizaPage also automatically creates a 1-Click GizaCard that displays icons of all your social profiles on a single card. Using one click, the card takes people directly to your GizaPage to browse all your profiles from a single place, under a single URL. The 1-Click GizaCard can easily be embedded on your blog, Web site, Facebook wall or Twitter profile to promote your social identity on GizaPage and encourage further discovery and exploration of your many online profiles.

• Additional highlights of the premium services include:
o Profile Redesign – change the background, color, font and layout of your GizaPage profile for free
o Basic Statistics – get up-to-date details of visits and page views to your GizaPage and various social profiles
o E-mail Updates – receive free, bi-monthly e-mails alerting you to new GizaPage signups by contacts in your e-mail address book, new connections between friends and updates made to friends’ GizaPages

GizaPage (www.gizapage.com) is a social network organizer that helps consumers and brands manage their online presence by consolidating their many social networking profiles side by side under a personalized URL. GizaPage provides a secure and centralized way to share profiles while more deeply engaging online with others by exploring their profiles and identifying additional social networks they have in common. GizaPage was founded in 2008 by Amit Jaipuria and develops tools to help consumers and brands organize the social Web around them by consolidating their online profiles, connecting with others and more easily navigating the social sphere.

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• "With the introduction of premium customization features, GizaPage is helping users take control of their Web 2.0 social identity, “ said GizaPage founder and CEO, Amit Jaipuria. "From having a personal URL to customizing your GizaPage profile, we’re letting you shape the social networking persona you want to present to others.”

• “GizaPage helps organizations strengthen their Web 2.0 roots and control their online identity by giving them a hub for their social media footprints that mirrors their corporate brand image,” said GizaPage founder and CEO, Amit Jaipuria. “New premium features such as sub-domain masking and the 1-Click GizaCard give brands an easy way to promote all of their social profiles to consumers, and drive them to a single location where they can browse each profile side by side.”

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