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Challenges of International real estate

Driven by an ambition to succeed and encouraged by the challenged it offered me, I have been involved in business since the age of 17

In 1990 I moved into property investment in my native country, the United Kingdom. A combination of this experience together with frequent travels around the world has opened my eyes to this world and its wealth of property investment opportunities.With the arrival of the Internet, the world as we knew it became a smaller, more accessible place. Everything has essentially become ‘localized’ with nothing being further than a few clicks away. These days, the Internet has become an indispensable tool for all matters ranging from communication via email, to banking, shopping and booking holidays.These days more and more people are looking to take their financial future into their own hands. Gone are the days of relying on personal pensions and small investment opportunities: with shrewd investments the once attractive ‘dream’ of retiring early can become a reality.The saying ‘what goes up, comes down’ is most certainly true and property investment is by no means an exception. However, when property values are assessed over the long term, then prices are seen to be constantly rising.An ever-increasing population and longer average life expectancies, means the demand for land and property will remain constant and secure. With this in mind any downturn in prices never lasts long and with clever planning, risks can be minimized.Throughout my travels I have built up a network of agents and developers around the world totaling some 3 million across 88 countries. Having worked with developers from many different countries I am fully aware of the difficulties they face in marketing to the international community.This is why I created Find International real estate. I wanted to create a central point that all members of the international property community can network, sell, buy, rent and advertise their services.
Findire.com provides a simple but effective way of advertising properties on the internet with the ability to set your own Meta tags and description to attract specific clients for your properties. This allows the advertiser to have control over how the property if seen and found on the internet, rather than just another posting on a random site. Find International Real Estate.com (WWW.FINDIRE.COM) allows you to place ads so you’re your page will be found by the search engines and not our home page. www.FindInternationalRealEstate.com caters for the Broker, Agent and Developer alike by allowing all to advertise their properties easily.
Find International Real Estate.com (WWW.FINDIRE.COM ) has been developed for the property professional by creating a portal for the local agent to attract the client from where ever they are in the world. We also offer the facility to market those properties via e-mail using our database of Brokers and Agents that currently stands at 3 million across the 40 key buying countries of the world. Once you have advertised with us, you will be given access to use our database and we will help set everything up for you! Find International Real Estate.com (WWW.FINDIRE.COM ) provides benefits to Brokers and Agents alike by assisting them to efficiently and profitably facilitate local and international business through its worldwide network of Brokers and Agents. Find International Real Estate.com (WWW.FINDIRE.COM ) is a member of the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA), which is comprised of more than 25 leading national real estate organizations, representing Brokers and Agents worldwide, each of whom adhere to a code of conduct.

Working with developers around the world does not only provide a great excuse to travel, it also treats the senses to a veritable cultural feast. So if it’s a romantic villa in Tuscany you’re after, that fantastic waterfront property or an apartment on Miami’s famous South Beach, FINDIRE.COM can help!
We at Find International real estate.com believe that fostering trust and good relations in business is essential. Everyone that works at Find International real estate.com is committed to working as a team, so no matter whom you speak to, our methods and ethos will be the same. We always welcome the suggestions of others to improve our service, so please feel free to email us your comments.
I hope you enjoy the experience of using our site and we hope you profit from our relationship.

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