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Christopher Geisert invented the Posture Pal cushion and Posture Cap invention.

Posture Pal Cushions Sold From Website and Injury Supplies Not Certified

The Posture Pal cushions sold on the www.posturepal.com website and Injury Supplies website have not been produced by the original certified mold and manufacturer.

Orders from the original certified mold and manufacturer have not been placed since around August of 2008.

“These two websites have been selling cushions that haven't been manufactured by my certified manufacturer. I have no idea on the quality, shape and density of the Posture Pal cushion being sold,” states Chris Geisert, inventor of the Posture Pal cushion.

“I have found a bill of lading from an export company that isn't certified to export my invention. I have also talked with the certified factory and they have said they haven’t produced any product,” states Geisert.

Chris Geisert, the inventor and current patent holder, will be selling his Posture Pal cushion thru his new company, FHP Products, in the near future.

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