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As President of Cedarshield North America, Bob Littlejohn holds and Masters and a Bachelors and is qualified in Entomology and Mycology with specialization of the restoration and preservation of timber. He runs Cedarshield corporate functions from the Vancouver facility and this serves the company's many Authorized Dealerships across the United States, Guam, Costa Rica, India and China. Bob is driving the company on to and well beyond the next level, with unique strategies and marketing techniques, together with the introduction of an innovative LEED Joint Franchise program for the training, certification and setting up of Approved Specialist Applications Contractors.

Forever Wood Means Exactly That…and It’s All Natural !

Due to be released for the first time ever in Canada in November, is the amazing all natural organic timber treatment fluid that has been aptly named Forever Wood. This innovative bio-fluid is a derivation of the already established Cedarshield Petri-Wood and it offers users a one-time lifetime treatment for all types of timber. Formulated from a natural Cedar Oil base, this product when applied to wood in three simple coats, acts as a penetrant as against a coating and what is unique about it is, it instantly restores the dimensional and structural stability of the timber, stopping it from ever warping, cupping or splitting. It also instantly removes all bound and inherent moisture and water from the timber and as everyone knows with wood, if there is no moisture there are no problems. It will totally penetrate even thick cut lumber and take the fabric of the timber into the first stages of wood petrification.

This all natural and totally safe treatment will protect the timber from all types of wood rot, fungal decay, mold, mildew and even deterioration by wood destroying insects. It is not an insecticide or a fungicide but it does act as a very fast wood drying agent and most certainly provides very long term protection and preservation to the treated timber. What this product can achieve in quite remarkable and it comes fully backed by endless University and Scientific study reports with award winning conclusions that it is "The best, most effective, deepest penetrating and longest lasting timber treatment currently available" and it contains no chemicals, no toxins, no poisons and no hazards of any kind. It will not leach out of the timber and even if it could, it would not affect water courses, plants, vegetation, animals or the environment in general.

It will become available throughout Canada from its originators; Monteith Mineralized Solutions in Ontario and through their West Coast distributors, Cedarshield North America, based out of Vancouver, BC. With this almost magical golden fluid, timber users can at last forget the dangers and hazards connected with using the currently available "pre-treated lumber" that contains a range of toxins, dangerous chemicals and poisons such as arsenic. Forever Wood works equally well on marine timbers, timbers exposed to extreme environments and even timbers that end up buried into the ground, such as utility poles etc. It will go on working for periods of time that until now, have been totally unheard of for the preservation of timber and it will not discolor or stain the wood that is being treated either. A spokesman for Forever Wood said; "It is like using mother nature to permanently preserve mother nature's own products ... and in reality, with our World now in demand for truly Green products, this one has to be the best invention to come into the lumber industry in the past hundred years or more." Most certainly a proud statement, yet one that has the support and backing gained from years of research and development by some of the most prominent timber scientists in North America. This product is indeed a true bio-fluid that uses nano technology to its very best advantage. With this product, the felled tree can now be made to last longer than the growing tree. Now, that really has to be unique.

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