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emarket now breaking down trading barriers for wine wholesalers

London, UK, October 23, 2009 - emarket, the 'total solutions' online trading exchange launched in September 2009, is leading the way in FMCG trading. Now they are set to revolutionise a notoriously fragmented market - the international wine trade.

emarket is a totally new concept in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) trading. For the first time ever, buyers and sellers of bulk consumer goods can interact via a secure trading platform online, in a real time environment. Once trade is agreed, emarket takes care of everything: pricing, delivery, payment methods, credit checks, Forex and, where necessary, import duty.

Fine wine sales is a diverse, specialist and highly fragmented niche, driven by hundreds of small producers competing for the trade of the HORECA market (hotel, restaurant and catering), travel retail and the ontrade. The entire process is driven piecemeal: wine producers sell wine by the case to many different buyers. Buyers order wine by the case from many different suppliers. To match them up is a difficult task, made worse by the complexities of the EU Duty system - a barrier to foreign trading for many small wine producers.

emarket enables thousands of producers and buyers to congregate in one area, able to connect with just one click of the mouse. Instead of long-winded trading arrangements, wine dealers can now sell directly to retailers, wholesalers and HORECA clients, saving both money and time. Conversely, the hotel and restaurant trade now have a choice of thousands of producers, each with a unique product at a competitive price.

By using emarket, wine producers previously confined to internal trading have been able to expand into the international market. Lionel Lourenço, co-founder of emarket, says: "The complex nature of the EU import duty system has been a barrier to international trading for many years. We arrange duty on all goods sold, giving our members direct access to thousands of new buyers outside their own borders."

For more details about emarket, please visit www.emarket.com or call +44 (0)20 8850 9911.

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