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Innovative Vending Solutions Automated Retail Machines Popping-Up Nationwide

Tricia Kent
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Dayton, OH – ISIS Mobile Payments, Google Wallet Applications, IKEA, Engadget, JELL-O Canada, and even Conan have recently taken advantage of a unique marketing opportunity utilizing the power of automated retail. Provided by Innovative Vending Solutions (IVS), corporations are interacting with their customer and fan base at tradeshows, events and other engagements using the concept of automated retail and a creative marketing agenda.. 

Most recently, at this year’s CES, Engadget installed a vending machine along the side of their stage with the soul purpose of giving away an Engadget t-shirt. To receive a free t-shirt, visitors simply tweeted their most beloved gadget at the 2012 show along with a specific hashtag and a size code. Voila, a free t-shirt popped out. JELL-O Canada took it a step further by having their vending machine visitors capture their ‘JELL-Oh Face” using a web cam attached to the machine. The picture was then posted on the largest digital billboard in Yonge & Dundas square. Not only did the visitor receive 15 seconds of fame, but they also received a color print-out of their “JELL-Oh Face” from the color laser printer attached to the machine and a free JELL-O cup sample. During his week of live shows in Chicago, Conan and his marketing team engaged with their viewers by offering free limited-edition t-shirts at 10 custom t-shirt machines scattered throughout downtown Chicago. Each night, Conan would reveal a ‘secret code’ for the chance to win a t-shirt. The next day, the fans would enter the code at one of the 10 machine which would unlock the screen allow the fan to select a free t-shirt of their choice. This marketing tactic created significant buzz on Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook and drew lines of people in the streets of downtown Chicago. 

“Our customized vending solutions are perfect for brands wanting to extend their creative marketing arm,” commented Jeff Thibodeau, VP of Operations for IVS. “We configure our machines to meet the specific needs of each of our clients whether it is a giveaway, social media campaign or merchandising solution. There’s no limit to the machines we can produce for our clients.” 

In fact, in 2010, Innovative Vending Solutions partnered with MainGate, Inc. to bring the first-ever NFL-branded vending machine to the Mall of America. Since installing the NFL-branded Vikings machine, IVS also teamed up with the Houston Police Foundation and installed an automated retail fundraising machine into their foundation headquarters. They also boast having worked with MTV and Kia by having launched an interactive text-message t-shirt dispensing unit at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. IVS has the capabilities of custom designing machines for restaurants, bars, police/fire stations, fundraisers, schools, clothing brands, screen printers, retailers, manufacturers, TV networks and so on. 

Brands and marketing departments who would like to learn more about how Innovative Vending Solutions’ vending machine technology can do so online at www.innovativevendingsolutions.com. Interested media may arrange a meeting with company management by calling (772) 633-8337. 

About Innovative Vending Solutions, LLC 

Innovative Vending Solutions is a design manufacturer that specializes in non-traditional vending and automated retail systems. The company’s core competence lies in designing, marketing, sales, software and the manufacturing of specialty retail systems to meet its clients’ specific apparel or other product needs. All of IVS’s vending machines are custom manufactured, built and configured to meet the specific needs of each client and are equipped with the most up-to-date and exclusive technology. For more information on Innovative Vending Solutions and its vending machine technology, please visit www.innovativevendingsolutions.com.

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