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New Contest Draws Attention

Self-professed ‘geek’ and internet marketer, KJ, has announced his latest contest to give-back to the community of readers that follow his blog. KJ hosted a drawing last year that awarded a prize of $3000 worth of Adcentre Coupons. This year his prize is a bit more daunting; here is a copy of some text from his website: 

“Hey everyone it’s been a long time since i posted any contest on my blog , My last blog contest was $3000 worth of Adcentre Coupons Give away where i gave away 1 Ad center coupon of value $100 for 10 days . I have made good money from CPA Marketing and affiliate marketing by promoting cpa offers and its time to pay back to my blog readers and this amazing community so i am announcing kjrocker contest for 2013, In this giveaway i have decided to give away $300 to 3 lucky winners that means$100 per person, This contest will end on 21st of FEB 2013 and winners will be announced on the same day !” 

Participants are asked to complete this one simple step: 

“share this contest on Facebook or Twitter and provide proof that you shared this post by replying using comments section below to this post with link to your status update on twitter/facebook “ 

Restrictions are as follows: The status must NOT be deleted after any amount of time. And provide us proof by replying with link to your (fb/twitter) status in comments (on his blog) 

KJ will choose one winner by random lucky drawing on 21st of FEB 2013. 

Known by his peers as the go-to-guy for Internet Marketing information, KJ has one of the most comprehensive and detailed blogs on the Internet concerning marketing and CPA acquisition. His posts have been wildly popular with marketers and wanna-be-marketers alike. 

Here is a short list of some of his posts that have helped hundreds to learn what other Internet Gurus are simply not able to teach: 

• CPV Lab got more powerful after its 2.16 update
• CPA Massive Monsoon review
• What kind of offers work on Christmas
• Making money using Host and Post offers
• Free URL Scrapper for PPV 2
• Simple HTML effects which can boost your CTR
• Why its important to know your prospects
• Huge list of paid traffic sources
• How to protect your landing pages from being stolen

KJ has help hundreds of students online learn how to earn money on the world wide web, and he is confident that he will attract more new students this year, with the announcement of this new and important prize drawing. 

Readers may contact KJ at his blog: www.KJRocker.com to learn more about the drawing, and about his tutorials.

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