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Ceiling fans by V Guard Made to last longer

Vennala, Kochi, India, 13/02/2013; Among the most important elements which people have on top of the list for electrical appliances for their homes are ceiling fans, water heaters, pumps, and motors. These are machines that are used daily and are used across the world. India being a sub-tropical country most regions require the use of ceiling fans in virtually every house. It is a widely used electrical product which forms the essential element for any house in the country. There are several companies which are presently manufacturing ceiling fans within the country. However as this product is purchased mostly once every 10-15 years by any family the product needs to be of great quality. This makes it important for people to buy products made by reputed brands who offer great quality products. One such brand which has been providing its products in this domain for more than 4 decades is V Guard.

With experience in the industry from as early as 1977 people can be sure about the standards of product they manufacture. Besides ceiling fans the company manufactures other kinds of fans as well. It includes the table fan, wall fans, box fans, etc. The company boasts about its commitment towards the performance and cutting edge technology which it keeps on upgrading from time to time. Moreover, the products manufactured by the company are always innovative and are made of superior quality materials. Also the company backs its products by dependable service standards which put it high on the list of quality manufacturers. People could visit their site at http://www.vguard.in/fans to know more about the company or get in touch with them.

The other products on offer besides the fan include Pumps, Motors, Water Heaters, Solar Water Heaters, UPS, etc. Currently the company is providing a vast range of fans and its other products. It has also been in the news for continuous research and development to provide optimum products which aims to meet the customer satisfaction levels. One of the unique USPs of the fans manufactured by the company has been the distinctive design which makes them look different from its other competitors. So, people looking to beat the heat for the coming summer months it is time to switch on the highly efficient fans produced by V Guard. The prices of these products are highly competitive which has always given it a cost leader advantage compared to its competitors.

About V Guard

URL: http://www.vguard.in

V Guard is an electrical appliance manufacturer which has been manufacturing numerous products since 1977. Today the company has more than 1750 employees and 5500 indirect employees working for the company. The company currently has over 200 distribution centres and around 10,000 retailers spread across the country. With 50 million customers it truly reflects the popularity it has gained over the last 4 decades.

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Website: http://www.vguard.in

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