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Cat Milton successfully runs 378,000 fan Facebook page simply using iPhone Photographs!

Cat Milton, Ibiza based iPhone Photography teacher (and Editor-in-Chief of the website Ibiza Spotlight, global Number One for Ibiza), has been making news on the social networking site Facebook for her collection of photographs that are captured solely using an iPhone. 

Typically, photographers use high quality professional cameras that help enhance the subject and provide fantastic photos. Cat Milton prefers to take advantage of the unique features and specifications of the iPhone by using it as her main tool for her professional photography. Her creativity and artistic ability has ensured a loyal following on Ibiza Spotlight’s Facebook page, with more than 378,000 fans. 

“Just for fun” Cat Milton is also the photographer behind the successful and rapidly growing Humans of Ibiza Facebook Page. 

In her commitment to share her skills and encourage others, Cat is a well-known and respected iPhone Photography Teacher on Ibiza. She teaches her students how to use dozens of iPhone applications to take photographs. She also encourages them to gain their own sense of perspective and capture the beauty of the island and life around them using their smartphones. Cat Milton’s Winter iPhone Photography Courses usually lasts for five weeks. The next course will start on February 24, 2013. 

So successful has Cat Milton’s work been that she’s been invited to showcase some of her images at Ibiza’s first ever iPhone Photography Exhibition at the trendy COMO in Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza. The exhibition opens Saturday 23rd Feb at 5pm 

Cat Milton’s passion is clear to see – her love of the beauty of Ibiza and wish to show everyone they can capture it themselves comes across clearly in her first guideline – “See the beauty, take the shot” 

For more information about Cat Milton, her course, or her works, visit www.facebook.com/CatMiltonPhotography or contact her at cat.milton1 on Facebook. 

Contact: Cat Milton

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