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UK Based Hair Extension Specialist Continues to Increase Global Clientele

Contact: Stephanie Pollard
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February 23, 2013 London – Accomplished hair loss specialist Stephanie Pollard is continuing to expand her trade around the globe. Hair Additions UK, based out of London, specializes in bespoken hair extensions and hair loss treatment. “Hair Additions UK uses only the best quality extensions regardless of whether hair is real or synthetic,” Stephanie spares no expense in her craft, and is willing to travel around the world to cater to her celebrity clients.

Stephanie 's knowledge and expertise are apparent in her blog entries; from her analysis of celebrity hair loss, such as Naomi Campbell's “clearly visible” “damaged hairline” “caused by years of extreme hair styles from modelling pulled too tightly around her hairline” (Stephanie recommends Campbell give her natural hairline time to heal and grow by investing in a full lace front wig), to her advice on how to use hair extensions to create temporary looks, such as colouring, without damaging your natural hair, and thus preventing hair loss later in life.

Testimonies on her work make it clear that Stephanie is intent on caring for her clients, and is committed to helping them recover their hair so that extensions are no longer needed. As Angela Clarkson writes, “She said I would benefit from a course of a plant based treatment...It was so effective, that not only do I no longer need any extensions but I have had an incredible amount of new hair growth.”

Complete Custom Care

Stephanie and Hair Additions UK approach each client specifically. Products and care advice are given to care for the clients individual problems with hair loss; aiming at preventing and solving hair loss. Wig and extensions are custom created for each individual to best serve their needs.

Hair Additions UK even does celebrity styles, such as “The Kate,” a style modelled after supermodel Kate Moss. “This hairstyle is not as low maintenance as it first appears,” the website explains. Custom extensions and wig can also be styled by the client’s personal stylist.

“We have no umbrella policy where one type of extension or hair replacement method will be used on everybody.” ensures Hair Additions UK. Each client is given the care exactly as it is required to fulfil their hair needs. According to the website, even celebrities, super models and leading ladies “often have a little bit of help in this area opting for extensions and hairpieces to give them the effect, from effortless chic to red carpet looks its rare that they are sporting all their own hair.”

Beyond all her expertise, however, it is her personality that Stephanie finds her greatest selling point, “Stephanie is the ultimate professional from start to finish, with grace and charm. I always go away feeling like a brand new woman, and that’s why I keep going back to her,” states Bunmie Adoaba, another satisfied customer.

For further information visit the Hair Additions UK website: http://www.hairadditionsuk.com

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