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March 2013- The FUVALVE, the giant of manufacturing for abrasion-resistant valves, corrosion-resistant valves, pressure valves and high temperature valves, has predicted the total annual demand of the China ceramic lined valve market which would be more than 10 billion RMB. According to the scientific concept of development, in order to ensure the future needs of coordinated economic development and the improvement of people's living standard, the government will inevitably put the infrastructure construction as the priority. This is precisely the well society condition for the development of ceramic lined valve and other special valves. That is to say, china is a new valve market which potential and demand will be amazing.

Before we begin to talk about the Chinese ceramic valve market, I want to give you the information about the type of ceramic valves. There are many different kinds of ceramic valves such as the FEP lined valve, PFA lined valve, top entry valve and other special valves. The best valve manufactures FUVALVE who is specialized in producing the ceramic lined valve is the suitable choice for each of their clients. Their website is http://www.ceramic-valves.com/ . There are many advantages for ceramic valves. In comparison with the general metal valve, the ceramic valve could be better used in the condition of high wear, strong corrosion, high temperature and high pressure. In a word, this kind of valve will show its excellent performance and you will see that it has the long using life which other normal valve could not keep up with it. That is why the ceramic lined valve has a very nice market perspective.

For the Chinese project of south-to-north water transfer, we could discover that only in Beijing suburb or city, 70 kilometers in length, finance used in ceramic valve reaches tens of millions of RMB. So the demand of the FEP lined valves of the south-north water diversion project is conceivable. Secondly, in order to solve the problem of shortage of electric power, the large-scale hydropower project with is not only the Chinese government's top priority, but also will be a long-term task. In addition to that there are the west to east gas pipeline and the renovation of the old industrial bases, cities, residential engineering, sewage treatment pipe network construction, water conservancy and many other projects will be increase the huge demand for ceramic lined valve market.

As to this kind of ceramic-valves market situation, the FUVALVE will try their best to produce the best quality ceramic valve to their client and meet the need of every ceramic lined valve consumer by their hard efforts.

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