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WebDirect.com.au launches WDHA, WebDirect High Availability hosting services for Australian companies

Frankston, VIC – March 2013 – WebDirect.com.au, Australia’s website hosting experts, offers a new high availability hosting service for Australian companies called WDHA i.e. WebDirect High Availability. The service has been designed specifically for Australian companies, so that your business stays online 24x7 always, without any downtime or maintenance interruptions. 

WebDirect High Availability (WDHA) is a robust platform for website and email hosting that achieves maximum uptime availability for your business website and online purchasing systems through replication across multiple servers hosted in different datacentre locations. Example, if the datacentre, in which your site is hosted, fails, within minutes your business website would be back online operating from another one of the WebDirect’s datacentre, located in another part of the country. 

This process is transparent and normally automated, depending on the website and application characteristics. 

“If your business must stay online 24x7x365 without downtime or maintenance interruptions, WDHA may be suitable to your website.” 

About WebDirect: WebDirect is Australia’s leading web hosting company, with 100% Australian based servers with real support from real people, right here in Australia. WebDirect offers tailored business website hosting packages featuring cPanel hosting, RedHat Linux hosting, Microsoft Windows hosting, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.. For more information, please visit http://www.webdirect.com.au/ 

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