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Newlift Holdings offers a reliable home elevators solutions in Singapore

March 16, 2013 – NEWLIFT HOLDINGS, headquartered in Singapore, specializes in vertical and horizontal transportation solutions – from the privacy of your home to the safety of the public domain. With solutions that optimize existing space like the HermesAG Rise Up to Cross Lifts that bring you from one point to the next, on or above ground, NEWLIFT will work towards meeting your requirements.

For space optimisation, the NEWLIFT'S turntable solution is used for residential, commercial and industrial applications. For example, to allow trucks to manoevre, a turntable is added at the entrance/exit of large industrial complexes to allow long vehicles to do the turns, showroom displays of motor cars, and for residential applications, allowing the owners to achieve the orientation in line with the elements of wind, water, fire and earth…

One other thing that keeps NEWLIFT HOLDINGS ahead of the competition is the fact that they are the first lift provider in Singapore to make use of the Open Control System. Primarily engineered in Singapore and comprised of German technology, the Open Control System allows owners to choose the kind of system that they need for their building.

Besides pioneering the Open Control System, Newlift Holdings is also known for being the premier supplier of panoramic lift in Singapore and the region. Having been establised in the industry for some time now, NEWLIFT HOLDINGS has also become popular among owners looking for home elevators in Singapore, including special ones that are made for those who are disabled.

If you would like to check out the different types of mobility solutions that NEWLIFT HOLDINGS currently have, visit http://www.indembsudan.com/42113/757.htm. They provide solutions that range from lifts and turntables for both residential and commercial use to car parking systems as well as ropeways and crosslifts.

For Media Contact:
Newlift Holdings Pte Ltd.
35, Kallang Pudding Road, 03-07
Tong Lee Building, Block A
Singapore, 349314

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