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A New Alternative Investment – Private Club Memberships!

Can Acquiring Pre-Launch Private Club Memberships at deep discounts for Post Launch sale be a good short to medium term Alternative Investment?

Unlike shares or debt securities from a corporation – whose supply can infinitely be increased, Transferable Memberships in Exclusive Private Clubs are limited to their supporting infrastructure and facilities.

This is particularly the case with Jockey Clubs that provide Race Horse Ownership and Horse Racing facilities.

The fact is that even other non Jockey Clubs around the world have been forced to close their memberships - resulting in many cases to long waiting lists and prohibitive entry prices.

Membership in a private club is essentially a contract between the member and the club owner whereby in consideration for the payment of an initial membership price and in many cases a monthly service fee, the club is contractually obliged to provide a range of services and facilities to the member.

Fully Saleable and transferable memberships are the best for consideration either for corporate or personal use and certainly the case if considered as a short, medium or even longer term investment.

In considering the pre-launch purchase of memberships, obviously the clubs management capabilities should be an important criteria. However it is very rare that already existing clubs would be prepared to offer any pre-launch memberships at any meaningful discount.

Therefore, a potential pre-launch investor looking for a good entry price with a potentially attractive post launch sale price would realistically be looking at a new club which will be putting together experienced management probably pinched from other sources like other clubs, hotels etc.

In this case, one of the most important things to consider would be the concept of the new club and its target market. In addition the following would be worth evaluating as well:-

Is the concept of the new club unique and how so?
Is the target market for the various grades of membership to be offered post launch large enough?
Is the target market sensitive to a high post launch price or would a high price in itself be an attraction?
Is the pre-launch membership placement proceeds to be used for club asset acquisition and for launch marketing?

RS Management Limited are the Global General Managers of Richman’s IMC, a unique horse racing and mega yachts centric chain of international millionaire clubs which has been widely reported as offering the world’s most expensive private club memberships. Please Search Google using Richman’s IMC as keywords for published reports.

The Club’s General Managers are in the process of privately placing 100 Charter Corporate Platinum Memberships (CCPMs) to selected corporations worldwide. Richman’s CCPMs are limited to just 100 globally and are the club’s most prestigious and most valued class of memberships that carry with them the most valuable membership benefits for the longest term.

Placement agents are offered 5% of the final placement and settlement price as a membership placement commission. Please email me before 30th July, 2009 if you or your clients are interested in this opportunity.

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