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Dan the Gardener and Friends Discovers the Best Electric Cordless Lawnmower

19th April, 2013 - It's not easy being Green. Even if you are an avid gardener and ecologically minded person, sometimes we still get stuck with gas powered tools. Luckily Dan the Gardener and his friends have discovered the best electric cordless lawnmower on the market. The Black and Decker Electric Cordless Mower is the “Electric Lawnmower with a conscience” according to Dan and his friends' Garden Product Reviews.

A recent EPA study shows that Americans mowing their lawns with gas-powered lawnmowers may be responsible for 5% of the country's total green-house gas emissions (source). “Did you know that gas powered lawnmowers produce over 1 million tons of air pollution each year? Thanks to its design and the electricity it runs, on the CM1936 produces ZERO pollution, plus each of these products are energy star certified for environmentally doing their part.”

Even economically, it take roughly 4 time as much money to mow your lawn with gas than it does with electricity (source). “In recent years there have been fantastic Eco-friendly advancements to the motoring industry. Their ability to lower carbon emissions makes Hybrid cars an invaluable conception,” states Dan the Gardener. Now environmentalists and frugal folk don't need to stop with the road, now they can move that focus to the lawn with the best cordless electric lawnmower on the market.

While Black and Decker recently merged with Stanley Works to form Stanley Black & Decker, B&D remains a wholly owned American subsidiary. Black and Decker first started making power tools in Baltimore in 1910 (over a Century ago!). As stated in Dan and his friends' review, “The power tools and gardening tools that Black and Decker supply are some of the most popular in the world. Their skill in providing multipurpose, hard-wearing tools has given them a reputation that is recognized globally by millions.” It is not surprising that Dan's quest for the most Earth-conscious lawnmower would lead him to Maryland's own Black and Decker.

Dan the Gardener is a website aimed at re-establishing gardening as a family friendly activity. A lot of the focus of the site is dedicated to teaching children about gardening. With a full cast of friends, including the other life we encounter in the garden (from Digger the Mole, to Queenie the Bee) and even the none life, like Rusty the lawnmower, Dan the Gardener provides resources for families to incorporate gardening into their lives, including a forum to share and network with other Green-households.

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