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Brickell Real Estate Business Dominated By Business Tycoon Luis Iglesias

May 2013: If real estate business in Florida will be mentioned or talked about, chances are the name of Luis Iglesias will come to mind. Luis Iglesias, a real estate mogul, dominates the real estate business around the Florida area. A self-made business tycoon, he founded D & I International Realty – a world-renowned luxury/sports and entertainment real estate firm. 

Backed with extensive knowledge of the real estate business, his keen decision making ability, superb communication and negotiation skills, not to mention the huge network of contacts he possesses – all this acquired through years of experience – Luis Iglesias successfully gained the trust and respect of his numerous clients. Athletes, businessmen, and other prominent people go to Luis Iglesias if they want a realtor to exceed their expectations. 

Florida, especially the Brickell area is one of the most desirable and sought-after places where one can simply live and enjoy the good life. Since the construction of grandiose mansions owned by a certain Mary Brickell a few decades ago, this particular area became the place to go for the Miami elite and the filthy rich. Miami is currently experiencing a boom in the real estate business. Brickell Condos, Luxury and Waterfront Homes are being bought by a lot of investors, both American and foreign. In fact, Brickell Condos for sale are being sold by Luis Iglesias in an extraordinary rate. This is particularly caused by the tumultuous flow of foreign investors, most of which come from Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico. Some investors also come from Argentina. What’s peculiar about these investors is that they are not only attracted to Miami because of the opportunity to make a profit but also because of the positive reception of Miami to the Spanish culture – its language and the celebration of its festivities. As a speaker of the Spanish language, Luis Iglesias is the person to approach - he has already built an extensive portfolio of Spanish-speaking clientele. 

A New York-born, Miami-raised individual who had his Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing in Florida International University, Luis Iglesias has a lot of luxury condominiums to offer to his vast clientele. The Setai, a $27 million dollar condominium was a temporary home by some of the world’s most famous people – Simon Cowell, Maddona, and Jim Carrey have stayed at The Setai that costs $30,000 per night, on the average. Some of the other well-known condo units come from the 500 Brickell – East Tower. This deluxe condominium is armed with imported marble countertops, designer cabinets, and other lavish decors. The website even comments that the 500 Brickell – East Tower is a “no-brainer”. Julio Iglesias’ personal and enticing descriptions of each condominium are only showcasing his outstanding communication and negotiation skills. The detailed description – the designer cabinets to the imported granite and marble countertops – only displays Luis Iglesias’ extensive knowledge of what he is doing. 

Brickell, called “Millionaire’s Row” by some, is a luxurious and urban neighbourhood in Miami. A bee hive of the Miami elite, condos here are priced by the million dollars. Through years of experience as a Property Appraiser and Mortgage Broker, Luis Iglesias’ extensive knowledge on the Brickell Real Estate made him an authority on the real estate business. 

As the owner of the website luisiglesias.net, Luis Iglesias also takes the lead in real estate internet marketing. Going to luisiglesias.com will show a user-friendly layout. The website offers buyer services in his website where a Contract Form is provided. After submitting the Contact Form, Luis Iglesias will send a listing of all properties that meet the criteria of the client. All of this is done online. If there are Buyer Services there are also the Seller Services where they compute the net worth of a home. Going to luisiglesias.com will show you a user-friendly layout. Added bonuses in his website are blogs about Miami Real Estate and Luis Iglesias’ biography. 

Truly, Luis Iglesias’ superior management at communication skills, coupled with years of experience as an Appraiser and Mortgage Broker made him the top contender in the real estate business. 

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Luis Iglesias
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