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Bradenton Pizza – Bragging Rights

May 07, 2013; Bradenton, Fl: Pizza is one of those foods that everyone in the United States has experienced and has had a favorite location. Most pizza places are not very exciting when it comes to the décor and its surroundings, but everyone has an opinion about the quality of the pizza. Let’s face it. If the food wasn’t good, there wouldn’t be a next time. There are certainly enough pizza places within close proximity to make a trip elsewhere if the pizza did not meet the test.

Recently at a trip to Bradenton, where Gianni’s NY Pizza is located (it has another place in St. Petersburg also), we made an impromptu visit and randomly asked its patrons bout their experience there and what they liked about Gianni’s pizza. A lovely woman who told us that she had never within the past ten years, had a pizza as good as Gianni’s NY Pizza’s pizza. “The sauce, the crust is just excellent. …and the meatballs were delicious!” Having come from New York, Chicago, and Connecticut, she was well qualified to be considered a bona fide expert in the taste to judge quality pizza.

Most recently in a discussion with the owner, Johnny Colandrea, he talked about exactly those qualities of his sauce and dough. The time and effort that is put into the fresh sauces and homemade dough where there is given ample time to rise and develop properly for ultimate flavor is a real different approach that Gianni’s takes versus other places.

Clearly, it was necessary for us to also try this outsized rated pizza and we found that it’s sauce and crust was in fact a level of quality and taste that was hard to ignore. Perhaps finding the exactly right consistency where there is not too much crust yet enough substance to be satisfying and to hold its ingredients in place. Then there is the sauce that has been homemade where the tomatoes are fresh and the herbs and oregano blend in with the tomato and mozzarella cheese at just the right points.

It is important to visit Gianni’s NY Pizza Bradenton at 4925 East State Road 64 Bradenton – FL – 34208 (941) 896-9700 and find out for yourself. http://www.giannisnypizza.com

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