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Foreign Investors Have Their Eyes on Florida

Miami, FL; 1 June, 2013: The state of Florida is attracting more investors over the past few years for its excellent location and unbelievably affordable properties on sale.

Many people, especially Brazilians, don’t just come to Florida for a leisurely walk by the beach but to invest on one of the properties on marketto gain a lifetime profit. In Miami, apartments for rent are one of the most popular investments for real estate brokers and buyers.

As many people are looking for cheaper alternative to fine housing investments, Florida real estate has become one of the top choices for investors for its fine location, ambience, and for its cheaper cost. Thanks to the price hike in Brazil, Miami real estate business flourished.

Up to this date, the Brazilian economy is bringing more foreign investors to states like Florida. Despite the undeniable fall of the housing industry, Florida didn’t cease to increase its income per capita and have contributed much on the US government to promote tourism and foreign investments.

Moving forward, Centercon Properties plans to acquire more assets to turn into one of their luxurious, and high-end real estates that investors would want to grab a hold into.

About Centercon Properties:

Since 1995, the Centercon Properties have generated a lot of fine and high standard housing constructions for all over Brazil and Florida. Their strategy of property acquisition proves to be most effective and cost-efficient among the competitors. The result is the incredibly low cost properties in the most scenic and fine location in the United States. With their continuous search for strategic locations, Centercon Properties continues to grow their profit in the housing market.

For more information, please contact:
Company: Centercon Properties
Address: 1111 Brickell Avenue 11th. Floor
Miami, Florida, USA 33131
Phone: + 1 (305) 851 8229
Email: info@centercon.com
Website: http://centercon.com/

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