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Paystyle Records Inc. Releases “Time Is Money”, A Mixtape With Rap, Funk, and R&B!

June 11, 2013, Oak Park Michigan, USA: The first artist highlighted on the record is distinct vocalist BK. Diverse, original, and energetic, BK’s intensity sets the tone for the entire experience. Oftentimes performing with an unplugged band, the raw energy delivered by BK’s lyrical prowess is a staple of the Paystyle Records Inc. namesake. Following BK is Queen Dyna, a vocalist well admired by her peers that brings a rock edge to the compilation. Those familiar with her work claim to have never seen a female emcee able to mimic her style. Queen Dyna lends her talent to the compilation with the backing of a live band. 

Further into the release, listeners will become familiar with the edgy vocalist P-Dot. Unapologetic, pithy, and free of any reservations, P-Dot offers one-of-a-kind grit backed by years of studio work. Last to appear on the album is Phil the Foulmouth, who is described as the playboy of Paystyle Records Inc. Able to convey intelligent messages through lyrical interpretation, Phil represents the lighter side of the “Time Is Money” Mixtape, completing the wide spectrum of moods it’s able to create. 

The mixtape is the latest addition to what is already an impressive resume held by Paystyle Records Inc., which includes sponsoring a charity event that raised thousands for the Salvation Army and appearing in the Guinness Book of World Records for Queen Dyna’s participation in one of the longest orchestrated performances ever. In an industry where samples are omnipresent and lyrics are unoriginal, Paystyle Records Inc. has it’s own style and level of creativity that any mixtape music fan can relate to. 

In an effort to promote the label, Paystyle Records Inc. plans to bring updates to their website and record tracks for a new mixtape. The label will also support the individual artists and prepare for an annual charity, whose date will be announced soon. In the meantime, the “Time Is Money” Mixtape can be found on all major outlets including Amazon, iTunes, and the Paystyle Records Inc. official site. For more information about Paystyle Records Inc. and their latest release, check out http://www.paystylerecords.com and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Paystyle-Records-Inc/153050081466047 

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