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Designer Explains Why 3D Engravings Will Never Go Out of Fashion

13, June 2013: 3D printing has become all the rage lately, and it is regularly appearing in the media. The invention of a 3D-printed gun caused headlines recently, and one of the most exciting devices that has recently been released is the 3D pen that allows users to draw physical 3D models in the air. However, there is a type of 3D printing that has been around for a lot longer: 3D crystal engravings. 

3Design Center is a studio specialising in this type of 3D design. Its skilled designers produce the images from scratch or from 2D images, depending on the requirements of the brief. The designers at the studio claim that such designs will always be popular because they provide something completely unique. 

The images produced by 3Design Center are created by highly-skilled designers who have spent a great amount of time perfecting the art of 3D design. Whereas 3D printing is used more for its practical purposes, such as building models of buildings or spare parts, crystal 3D engravings are admired more for their artistic properties. 

They will always remain popular, according to 3Design Center, because they allow people to produce beautiful products with a high level of attention to detail. These can be used in unique ways, such as in sports trophies. Rather than providing a winning athlete with a standard trophy, a crystal trophy can be printed with a 3D design of an item related to the sport, or even of the person’s own face. This leads to some truly beautiful products, all of which are only possible due to the skill and technique of the designers who create the original 3D images. 

Although more and more articles will be published on the progress of 3D printing, 3Design Center is predicting that this one type of 3D designing that has been around a lot longer is going to remain popular for a long time to come. 

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3DesignCenter is a design studio run by specialist 3D designers. The team of designers create high-quality 3D designs for crystal engravings, including boutique designs. Find details of all of the designs and the process at http://www.3designcenter.com . 

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