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The Raskins: Debut “Need Another Hero” Live at The Viper Room

Hollywood, CA The Raskins are scheduled to give their fans and listeners a long awaited live performance of their new single “Need Another Hero” at the famous Viper Room in Los Angeles. Located at Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, The Viper Room has become a cult destination thanks to its previous owner, actor Johnny Depp. The Raskins will perform on Saturday, July 6 at 10 pm.

However, it is not merely a live performance that has The Raskin fans so excited. On this special occasion, twin brothers Logan and Roger, who together form the rock and roll band The Raskins, will officially release their brand new video single "Need Another Hero". The Raskins have had enormous online success with their music videos in the past, so expectations for this long-awaited video are no less than sky high.

But then The Raskins have been comfortable with great expectations from the very start of their career. Coming from a family of well-known performers, Logan and Roger were brought up in an artistic environment and showed a keen inclination for music early in their lives. Living in New York City, they began their career playing in the clubs sprinkled across the city, quickly earning a reputation for their skillful live performances. With time and increasing performances, The Raskins received ample opportunities to hone their style and gradually developed a signature musical quality that was both powerful and captivating.

Subsequently shifting to Los Angeles (though the brothers like to divide time equally between the two coasts) The Raskins have taken their musical career to another level, having found numerous opportunities to work with some of the most popular music directors and artists in the country. Their songs have been featured in the original soundtrack of a number of films, no small feat for any artist. Their new music video “Need Another Hero” has a visually sophisticated story-telling quality indicative of that experience.

“Roger and I always wanted to shoot a music video in black and white that captures a very urban style while telling a story,” says Logan Raskin. “Growing up in New York City over the years, we’ve seen how people come together when unpredictable events happen. I would definitely go as far as to call some of these people true living heroes. That's how we came up with the concept for the song itself "Need Another Hero." You never know when certain events might take place where it takes the help of someone else to save you. The world can never have enough people like that.”

The Raskin Twins have also had great success with their record company: MIRAL Entertainment and produced their latest album under its sponsorship. The duo take the initiative in marketing their music and building their fan base, an exercise in which social media networks have proven incredibly useful. The videos on their YouTube channel have been viewed by millions and their Facebook and Twitter pages have a sizeable fan base following their every move and performance.

But even as they expand their activities in a number of ways, The Raskins have not let go of the satisfactions that only a live performance can satisfy. The forthcoming concert at The Viper Room will give fans of The Raskins a wonderful opportunity to hear them play in person. The excitement of seeing these talented twins in front of an audience again is palpable. With the release of their new music video also lined up for the same night, fans can expect a highly charged musical experience featuring the authentic Rock and Roll of The Raskins.

About MIRAL Entertainment:

The Miral Entertainment record label is focused on great Rock N Roll and promoting solid performers. The music publishing division licenses songs in films and television.

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