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Rene Lalique Glass Continues to Hold Glass Art of the Highest Class

26 June, 2013: Rene Lalique Glass, a prime glassware manufacturer inspired by Italian Art Deco and naturalism, continues to come out with the finest glass collections that are nothing but class and perfection of the highest order. From Lalique bowls to vases, all pieces are made with intricacy of the finest artistic value and intimacy with the art of glassmaking and designing. 

Origin and Inspiration 

For 85 years, R Lalique lived an artist’s life, full of passion and finesse as reflected by all of his work. Starting with jewelry designing, he then shifted to glassmaking in the 1920s that reflected not only beauty and elegance but craftsmanship and dedication. 

Despite his passing in 1945, Rene Lalique Glass is still known to be an innovative maker of glassware and a designer of glass elitism for the masses – an unbelievable dedication to bringing glass art to the level of the masses. 


Lalique collections are clear representations of architectural magnificence and brilliance of jewelry artistry combined in classic glass pieces. The exquisite designs are painstakingly perfected no matter how big or small the glass art is. 

Among popular glass makers, Rene Lalique Glass has the widest collection, from modern collections to classic-art inspired themes. The Renaissance- inspired Lalique vase is still being made to this day. Classic themes such as nudity, fish, and social representations are also present in many of the glass pieces as well as other designs as desired by the clients. 

Regular household items such as designer pitchers, plates, lamps, bowls and ash trays are also available. 

Glass Art Making 

Without compromising elegance in every glass piece, a press mold processing system is utilized by the company to keep prices lower, making these high-end collections really affordable. 

From the smallest glass art in jewelry pieces to the larger antique Lalique vases, every piece is made with quality engraving and polishing works. 

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