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Price of global rare earth metals expected to hike

In a recent statistical analysis, a very interesting report has been unveiled. As a matter of fact, global rare earth metals like neodymium magnets, cerium, phosphors and many others serve many useful purposes. In the year 2012, when calculated their demand was worth USD 3.93 billion. According to the researchers, their demand is expected to be increased by 13.0% in the upcoming years and it will touch USD 8.19 by the year 2018. It is interesting to note that the demand will simultaneously increase to 290 kilo tons.

With regard to the growing applications, the value of rare earth metals like neodymium magnets is priceless. As they are primarily used in the manufacturing of permanent magnets and rechargeable batteries, from small-scale to large-scale everybody is making use of them on a daily basis consumption. After taking into account details of high-profile companies like China Rare Earth Holdings, Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth Hi-Tech Co and regional markets of countries like Europe, Asia Pacific and North America; the researchers have created a vision of the global rare earth metals till 2018.

These are available at Amazaon on http://www.amazon.com/kitchen-dining/dp/B00CHQUVM2 The study of rare metals like neodymium magnets definitely has jot down the prime factors that influences the rare earth metal industry. There are numerous factors that contribute to the discussion including potential new buyers who enter the market, suppliers of raw materials, and possible substitutes available. All of these factors equally contribute towards influencing the industry. The final report has been made after a complete category-wise classification of the rare earth metals which includes study by geography, study by type of metals and study by applications. The market report prepared by Transparency Market Research is without a doubt, an interesting approach towards the study of the rare metals.

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