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MuayThaiGearGuide.com Launches Muay Thai Gear Education Portal

5 July, 2013: Muay Thai Gear is being explored step by step at MuayThaiGearGuide.com which now features two new gear guides. The first guide, on Muay Thai Shorts covers lower body wear, educating martial artists on price, durability, fit, and other factors that are important to evaluating a pair of Muay Thai Shorts. The second guide, on Muay Thai Gloves focuses on hand wear, educating martial artists on price, durability, fit, and material of the gloves. 

The aim of these guides is to provide martial artists with a way to make better purchases for their training. An additional guide on Sparring Gear puts the two lessons together so that the education can be applied in practice. These form the three guides that have been published on the education portal as of July 2013, with new guides being published weekly at http://MuayThaiGearGuide.com . The difference between these guides and Amazon reviews is their comprehensive, comparative nature as well as a specific focus on Muay Thai and not generic MMA gear. Additionally, the education portal focuses on martial artists of all experience levels and provides alternative advice and insights for each one. 

With three comprehensive guides written so far, MuayThaiGearGuide.com plans to expand its offerings to cover Muay Thai training and techniques, as well as to expand to MMA Gear and Brazillian Ju Jitsu in the future. These guides will also contain comprehensive gear reviews of upper and lower body wear and instructions for martial artists of all levels. 

For more details and to view the education portal, visit The Muay Thai Gear Guide

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