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9 July, 2013: If you are in the market for a top grade condominium in Singapore, you are advised to check out a new project that’s going up out on the Sengkang West Way. The aptly named Lush Acres luxury executive condominium is raising the bar for residential construction in Singapore, and you can bet there will be a stampede for apartments there once everything is in place. Let’s take a good look at what this Lush Acre development has to offer the public. 

Round about now, the race is on to deliver the best residential facilities in the whole of Singapore. As compared to the recent past, the standard of new residential construction projects is skyrocketing as developers seek to outdo each other with bigger and better projects. A fantastic example of this is the latest Sengkang EC, which goes by the name of Lush Acres. Once completed, this project will boast four impressive apartment blocks in a peaceful waterside setting. The artist’s impressions of how the project will look once completed are mouth watering to say the least. The question is will the project live up to all the hype? 

Three of the four Lush Acre EC blocks are twenty-five storeys in height, while the fourth is just a little bit lower, clocking in at twenty-two storeys. In total, there are 380 apartments in the project, with apartments being offered for sale to the public on a 99-year lease. 

Inside the apartments, no expense will be spared in terms of the quality of the fixtures, fittings, and facilities, while the views from the windows of each apartment will be absolutely stunning. 

Of course, when you buy an apartment, there are other considerations beyond the apartment itself and the general quality of the development. For instance, what are the transport links available to residents? And, are there good shopping facilities nearby? The bottom line is the finest development in the world could end up being a damp squib if it is not sited wisely so as to afford the maximum convenience to residents. 

In the case of the Lush Acres EC, the good news is the architects and planners have done their homework. The development is perfectly placed from the point of view of transport convenience and also shopping. 

As regards transport links, both the Kupang and Layar LRT stations are close by, within easy walking distance. Shopping is also taken care of, courtesy of the planned Seletar Mall, which is currently under construction. This mall will be open for business by the time Lush Acres is completed. Additional shopping facilities, as well as other useful amenities, are also available at Greenwich Village and Fernvale Point, both of which are nearby. 

It is fair to say that Lush Acres is shaping up as the Sengkang EC to beat right now, because everything about it – from the location and apartment quality to nearby facilities and amenities – is just about perfect. The Lush Acre EC is not due for completion until late 2016, but you can bet that demand for apartments here will be extremely high, so you should get your application in sooner rather than later if you want to avoid disappointment. 

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