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Giving the Perfect Gift

10, July 2013: Some of the most memorable gifts and commemorative awards are unique in both design and style. There are few things which can combine the elegance of a crystal engraving with the bespoke nature of a 3D design like the work produced by 3Design Center. With the help of experts in the field of 3D design, the designers are capable of working to spec to create a bespoke image that is perfect for whatever is needed for the ideal commemoration. 

To make certain that the experts at the 3Design Center are able to help visualise exactly what is needed, clients can bring in an image they want rendered into a 3D design or they can have input for the reworking of a standard image that will also work for the job. 

When it comes to the actual design itself, the team at 3Design Center are able to take an image that is brought to them in order to render it, first in greyscale, and then turn it into the design files that are necessary for the printing of the 3d engraving in a piece of glass which is cut to spec. The files themselves are capable to be altered to enhance the image brought to them, or they can work with a stock image for the more general sporting events of commemorations and trophies. By taking images that are already in the image bank, clients can save time and a bit of money in their fees, and still guarantee that they receive a modified, bespoke file to be engraved in the polished glass. 

To learn more about how to get a bespoke work in glass that is perfect for commemorating an event, or for celebrating a win or other event, contact 3D Design Center at http://www.3designcenter.com/ or give them a call on +972 54 744 16 21. 

About the Company: 

3D Designs is a 3Design Center that specialises in creating custom and bespoke 3D files for engraving and creating elegant and unique 3D trophies, plaques and glass commemorative gifts. Visit their website at http://www.3designcenter.com/ to learn more. 

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