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Award Winning Hairdressers in Hampstead Recognized as One of UK’s Top Salons for Offering Unique & Healthy Hairstyling Services

Hampstead, England, July 18, 2013: The popular and award winning Hairdressers Hampstead, Mad Lillies is widely known as divas hairdressers for the hairstyle makeovers they offer to their clients. For numerous gorgeous ladies and beautiful bubbly girls, there is nothing better than undergoing a complete hairstyle transformation at the salon that is suitable to their individual personalities. 

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The popular salon in Hampstead has been serving their clients for past several years and they boast of their qualified and expert hairstylists who always endeavor to offer something exceptional to the clients. One of the senior hairstylists of the salon, Dom Aloe reveals, “We always try to offer custom hairstyles that can help a person maintain their individual style and looks. This is the reason why we don’t just few countable hairstyles with us. But for every individual woman, we have a different and unique style to turn her into a real diva.” 

The hairstylists working with this Hampstead Hairdressers maintain that they don’t just focus on an attractive hairstyle but they take care that hair must remain in a healthy state. They use organic products and avoid chemicals and the heat treatment to shape hair into a desired style. They use high quality hair conditioners and organic color formulas which help protect the natural health and shine of hair. They choose hair extensions that don’t damage human hair while helping a person to showcase her unique hairstyle. 

Today, all women want to flaunt her unique style before the world. Hairstyle is an important part of the style statement that a woman often wants to make, in order to become a center of attraction. While at the same time, maintaining healthy hair is a challenge in today’s environment full of pollutants. Moreover, the modern lifestyle and the stress that a woman often undergoes in her personal and professional life make her hair weaker and thinner. The Hairdressers in Hampstead are well aware of these women’s hair problems and recommend hairstyles to the 21st century women that can help maintain the hair health for a long-term styling. 

Women looking for a damage-free and unique hairstyling can check their products and style offerings on their website www.madlillies.co.uk . 

About Mad Lillies: 

Mad Lillies is an award winning hair salon located in Hampstead, London. The salon boasts of a team of expert hairdressers who offer unique and custom hairstyles suitable to each individual coming to them. They focus on maintaining hair health and put more emphasis on using natural and organic products. 

For Media Contact:
Address: 34 Heath St London
Hampstead, NW3 6TE UK
Telephone: 020 7794 4313
Website: www.madlillies.co.uk

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