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Travel Author Carl Ballard Embarks On Worldwide Trip

5 Sepetmber, 2013: Travelling to just one far-flung country is enough for most people, but not so for Carl Ballard, an intrepid travel journalist from London, whose latest tour will comprise the length and breadth of the entire globe. 

Those interested in following Carl Ballard’s whistle-stop tour, which will last around 12 months, can do so via his new website, simply called ‘Carl Ballard’, which will serve as the official blog of this prestigious journey. 

Via this blog, Carl Ballard will be posting live updates, articles, tips and advice, in addition to other quirky, miscellaneous items about travel. 

Thus far, Mr Ballard’s journey has taken him to the wilds of Tuscany, the breathtaking mountains of Slovenia, and the plush resorts and farmyards of Menorca. 

Speaking about his worldwide tour and the new website, Carl Ballard, who lives in London, said: “This is just about the most exciting and terrifying thing I have ever done!” 

“I have always loved travel, chiefly because I believe it enlivens the soul; you cannot beat the thrill of seeing new places and meeting new people. It’s a feeling like no other. 

“However, the scale and scope of this trip is unlike anything else I have undertaken previously. Sometimes I feel that if I come back in one piece it will be a miracle!” 

Carl Ballard added: “As an aside, I’m also launching the website for the sole purpose of inspiring people to live for the moment and go travelling. I want the world to share in my passion.” 

To find out more information about Carl Ballard, and to keep up-to-date with his latest travel adventure across the world, visit the website at http://www.carlballard.net

There are several ways to get in contact with Carl Ballard: firstly, one can use the contact form on his website to send him an email, or, alternatively, he may be reached on his many social media platforms, such as Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. 

About Carl Ballard: 

Carl Ballard is a well-known author from London who specialises in writing travel articles. His work has been published in many prestigious magazines, such as TIME and Travel Weekly. His new website, ‘Carl Ballard’, charts the progress of his latest worldwide, non-stop tour. 

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