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New Website From Automotive Guru Carl Ballard Launches

5 September, 2013: Lovers of automobiles, from petrol heads to Monster Truck enthusiasts, will now have a new place to frequent on the Internet, in the form of the new website from popular automotive author Carl Ballard

The brand new website, which bears the author’s moniker, is the latest pet project of Carl Ballard, and the content currently covers a wide range of topics, from the world’s best Monster Trucks and careers in the automotive industry to record breaking vehicles and the life and times of a courier driver. 

Carl Ballard, who was born and raised in South London and currently resides in Clapham, said: “Being passionate about all things automotive related, I am understandably excited about this new website. I can’t wait to grow it into a thriving hub of activity in the coming months! ” 

The new website is also offering a range of guest posting opportunities. 

Said Carl Ballard: “Community is very important to me, and I want as many like-minded people as possible to join my tribe. I want this website not just to be my own personal playground, but a home for people all around the world who, like me, are passionate about cars and trucks.” 

Guest authors need not have any prior experience – and they can apply for this opportunity by visiting the following URL: http://www.carlballard.org/guest-post

After graduating from University, Carl Ballard began earning a living by writing freelance for some of the automotive industry’s foremost magazines, such as Trucker’s Weekly. 

To learn more about this new online venture, visit the website at http://www.carlballard.org. Prospective advertisers and other interested parties can contact Carl Ballard, in person, using the contact form on the website. 

Alternatively, social media enthusiasts might be more at home engaging with Carl Ballard on his various social media platforms, such as Google Plus and Twitter. 

About Carl Ballard: 

Carl Ballard is one of the UK’s leading authorities on the automotive industry. He has had his work published in numerous industry-leading publications, such as Trucker’s Weekly. He is also the owner of ‘Carl Ballard’, a popular automotive blog on the Internet. 

For Media Contact:
Carl Ballard
134 Clapham High Street
Email: carl@carlballard.org

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