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New – INVISIBLE lock makes home/business invasions a thing of the past!

 The old adage that “locks are only good for keeping out the good guys” is still true today.  The vast majority of locks on the market can be picked and or bumped under a minute (if you know what you are doing). Then of course there is the drill and other instruments that will allow the villain to gain access to your home or business.

Well what would happen if the villains came to your door picked the existing locks and still could not get in? As a general rule your local thieves want to get in and get out ASAP.  Hanging around too long in one area is definitely not good for business.

Bottom line consumers & businesses alike are now installing the Remock Lockey INVISIBLE lock on their doors and windows. It is a very simple lock that attaches on the inside of the door (could be wood, metal, glass do not matter) and is totally invisible from the exterior. So if you can not see the lock guess who else can not see it? That is right ---all of your local thieves and thugs.

The Remock Lockey sold on line at the www.techno-mall.com comes in a kit with 4 remotes. Up to 16 different remotes can be programmed per lock and each remote can open up to 8 locks. Very simple to install, setup and use. Plus the good news these locks can go on both doors and windows, sheds, storage facilities, back of your truck, shipping containers …

Sold on line at the TECHNO-MALL.COM

The techno-mall.com is owned and operated by the HIGH-TECH LOCK COMPANY – Silver Spring, MD. Nearly 2 decades of selling & installing safety & security solutions.

Barry Ritman director of operations


(866) 396 1016

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