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Brand Marketing is not Shying from Native Advertising

The concept of sponsored content in the early days of social media was a strict taboo. The media as well as the wise minds of the Silicon Valley skewered people who endorsed sponsored blogs. But 5-6 years down the line, today the subject has gone from being taboo to becoming a mainstream practice. 

The Associated Press has now launched its very own sponsored tweet. Advertisers are now able to buy stories and posts, that are sponsored, on various social media. The major social media influencers who previously condemned this practice are now comfortable in accepting compensation from the advertisers to promote their brands on social media. Those who pledged to stay away from the promotional business say that they would accept the offer if the compensation is a BMW. 

Both the brands as well as the buyer are now eager and willing to adopt native advertising. Most of the brands however are unsure about the future of this advertising medium. However there are a few benefits of native advertising which are as follows: 

• It is very helpful in starting conversations about your brand or product that increases the presence of the product or brand in the minds of the consumer. 

• Your customers who are connected to more people than the others can help you to reach out to the consumers more effectively. 

If you need to know more about native advertising or if you need to know what people are saying about this advertising medium then you can see http://citdh.org for its directory submission on the subject.

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