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Many people get popularity by posting videos on YouTube. When their videos are viewed by other people then these videos are promoted and get higher ranking. But there are many such YouTube personalities who feel difficulty in getting more views on their videos. You have to create interesting and marvelous videos to get more and more views. You have to describe your videos sensibly, share these videos intelligently with your friends. You should share your videos shortly after posting on YouTube. In short, you will get more views on your videos by following these easy steps:

Firstly, you should label and describe your video accurately. For this, create such a title for your video that best describes it. For example, if the video is about the recipe of pizza then the title of this video must contain the accurate name that is “an easy recipe of making pizza”.

Secondly, completely describe your video in 1 to 2 paragraphs. These descriptions must contain each step of your video but briefly.

Thirdly, use appropriate tags for your video that must contain all keywords of title. For example, if the title of your video is “an amazing experiment on ultraviolet balls” the tag must contain ‘amazing’, ‘experiment’, ultraviolet’, ‘balls’.

Fourthly, after posting your video on YouTube, share that video with your family and friends shortly after posting. If you share your video after 2 or 3 weeks then it is possible that YouTube public disremembered your video. Create an interesting and appropriate email about your video and send this email and link to your friends and other people so that they are notified.

Fifthly, spread your video on Twitter, Facebook and other media that you use. If you have a standard website then share your video on that website also.

Sixthly, you should use annotations to get more views. An annotation link one video to another video. If someone watch your one video then that viewer will be informed by annotations to the links of other similar videos. So this is the best way to keep viewers busy for greater time to watch your different videos which in turn increase views on your videos.

Create a playlist of your videos so that next videos play one after another. This playlist of your videos provide an easy way for viewers to watch most of the videos.

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