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Why Promoting Small Businesses With Tweet Ur Biz Is Essential For Social Media

9 September, 2013: There is a fair percentage of people in the UK who have been self employed for most of their working lives , and they have done so by choice. 

However some people prefer to work for others, and have an employed status .It is really a matter of choice, as with everything else. that what suits one person may not suit another. 

There are many who were employed for years and were happy to be in this situation. One very sad fact of the recession was that many redundancies occurred, Particularly in certain sectors such as finance and the building trade. 

This led to many more people setting up their own small businesses, many of whom would never have considered having their own company. The preference for many people is a business that is completely based in the internet or has an online presence to some degree. Businesses, whether they are based in the search engines or otherwise need to attract buyers, and there are a number of ways of doing this. The first requisite is naturally a good website which of course must be followed by search engine optimisation. Which is a process of ranking a website on good positions in the search engines. 

There is an additional technique which will attract clients, and is growing from strength to strength and this is by expanding a brand name and attracting customers by means of social media management, that is making your name and company known by means of Twitter and Facebook. 

All self employed people need as many customers as they can ,and for those who are new comers it is important to attract as many customers as possible, and there is help at hand to achieve this. 

An excellent and relatively recent method of promoting small businesses online is by means of social media management. 

This is best carried out by a social media management expert and there is nobody better at this than the charming John Toal who is the director of TweetUrBiz. 

John has helped many businesses to succeed online by means of his complete service of social media management on Twitter, facebook ,and the other social media sites.

He likes nothing better than helping small businesses as well as larger firms reach their full potential as promoting small businesses is in his blood .He takes over your social media management allowing small business owners to get on with their job. Through Johns promotion the company will also increase their followers, and will also be shared through many other accounts. 

He has all the time in the world to promote small businesses online, in spite of the fact that he is very much a family man with five lovely children. 

John is very proud of the fact that his promoting of small businesses online has lead to the success of so many companies. John can increase the brand name of any company, and his enthusiasm shines through when promoting small businesses online. John at TweetUrBiz helps all companies both small and large. Although the company is based in Scotland John helps companies throughout the UK to promote their brand. 

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