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The Superiority Continues With This Horsham Care Home

It is probably not a very palatable thought, especially for young people, but the truth is that everyone becomes old. 

When someone is eighteen years old, a person of thirty seems old to them. At the age of thirty nobody considers that they will ever be fifty, just as at the age of fifty nobody believes that they will ever be really old. 

The fact of the matter is that everybody becomes elderly unless they are unfortunate enough to be a victim of premature death. 

With more people living longer the UK has a high percentage of old people, many of which are unable to totally fend for themselves. 

This is when care homes and nursing homes become a place that many people need when they require care. 

The grand open day at Ashtonleigh care home in Horsham West Sussex makes it obvious that there is nothing to fear in becoming elderly or in a child having to put their aged parent into a Horsham care home

This nursing home has been in the hands of the same family for more than sixteen years, This Horsham care home is very upmarket, and is a home from home for many older folks. 

The home now benefits from a recently added twelve bedroom extension. 

The new bedrooms have vistas of the glorious garden.. 

The new car park is very near the additional bedrooms making it very easy for visitors to park. The staff at Ashtonleigh really like visitors to come to the care home as much as possible. 

Their aim is to make this Horsham care home a veritable home from home. 

With this in mind relatives are invited to the residents meetings which are held frequently to discuss everything relating to Ashtonleigh to make the residents feel that they are in their own home. 

This Horsham care home makes being older much easier than it would be if this caring, safe care home did not exist. 

One aspect of mankind that is common to almost everyone, is that they are afraid of becoming old and requiring some level of support, up if anyone knew about Ashtonleigh there would be no such fear. 

The care home has always enjoyed a very high ratio of staff to residents, and Gaj and his wife Kathy wish this to continue, and as such they are welcoming enquiries for dedicated people to apply for vacancies that are now available due to the additional beautiful bedrooms at this Horsham care home. 

Anyone applying will be vetted, and background report will be taken, as only those who are completely suitable, professional and caring will be considered. These are excellent positions as it is a joy to work in such surroundings and the longevity of other employees testifies to this Anyone interested should telephone Ashtonleigh for an interview 

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