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New Kindle eBook: Alicein the Clouds – New Adventures of Alice in Wonderland

A few years ago, in every child’s room, there was a shelf that’s stacked with books of every kind. For the little ones who were unable to read yet, parents would read them fairy tales that would relax and entertain every boy or girl. But, in the dawn of smart phones and tablets books have become scarce because children nowadays have become easily bored from just reading. Working with this premise, Richard and Samantha Hargreaves released a unique approach to children’s fairy tales. By introducing a new story and pairing it with beautiful illustrations, they hope to bring back the interest in reading once more.

A reimagining of the classic fairy tale Alice in Wonderland, the newly released e-book entitled “Alice in the Clouds” aims to spark the interest in kids to start reading once again. The fact that this fairy tale is made available as an e-book makes it more convenient and accessible to today’s children. Parents can now easily download the material and read them on their smart phones or tablets. The illustrations look colorful and vivid on high resolution screens which make for a more interesting read.

Additionally, those who purchase the e-book gain access to free downloadable coloring books making the whole experience much more interactive and fun. The Alice in the Clouds e-book is now available on Amazon Kindle Store which comes with free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet.

Hargreaves says, “Reading can bring about many benefits to a growing child,this is why we want to help parents by providing their children with a new fairy tale that features good morals. To keep the children engaged, we added illustrations and accompanying material that’s easily accessible and downloadable via Amazon Kindle.”

“Alice in the Clouds” revolves around the untold adventures of Alice where she helps her new friend, MrMerryweather, and helps solve problems up in the sky. For more information about this story, the book trailer can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR_ub3vuiKc .

Free downloadable coloring books here: http://fairytalesforkids.org/free-online-coloring-book-pages/

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