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Igor Purlantov Endeavors to Safeguard Endangered Species with his Animal Rights Initiatives

September 12, 2013: Soon animals will become objects to keep in museums and forests will be cleaned for the dwelling of the mankind. This is the viewpoint of most of the animal rights activists, including Igor Purlantov, fighting to safeguard the lives of the mute and innocent animals. Igor has always been vocal about animal rights and his efforts in safeguarding the endangered species has been well recognized by the global communities. He always devises new awareness campaigns, publishes his thought-provoking articles and raises his voice through his blog to reach the masses and inspire them to work for the animal rights.

According to a WWF Report, hundreds of birds and animals are on the brink of extinction. Many rare species are vanishing fast because of their neglect and the heinous acts of poaching. Igor Purlantov is especially very critical about the shameful human greed that makes people to kill an animal only to feel proud of or just to adorn their houses with the dead animal. “How shameless for a person it could be to kill an animal just for decorating his house. Not only poachers but people purchasing dead animal parts are equally criminal,” maintains Igor.

In many countries, there is a strict law against hunting. Hunting, catching or keeping wild animals confined are illegal acts, still many feel proud of hunting or catching a wild animal. Historically, hunting has been a favorite pastime for humans. But the present environmental challenges demands to maintain a zoological balance so that the world would remain a safe habitat, not only for these innocent animals but for human beings as well.

Igor Purlantov strongly feels that the planet is heading towards a massive catastrophe, only because of different types of human greed and indiscriminate and insensitive acts towards the natural world. He says, “To some extent humans now understand the negative impacts of felling trees in an indiscriminate manner. But what adverse affect animal’s loss can bring to the mankind is yet to be understood.” To read his insightful and startling articles, one may visit his official blog www.igorpurlantov.com.

About Igor Purlantov

Igor Purlantov is an animal rights advocate who cares deeply about all animals from every region of the world. He devises new campaigns to raise awareness on the issues of animal abuse, neglect, poaching, and remind people of the amazing value of animals in human lives.

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